Dr. Matthew Noland - Veterinarian

Dr. Noland graduated from the University of Wisconsin-School of Veterinary Medicine in 2006.

He completed an Internship at Weatherford Equine Medical Center PC in 2007 and stayed as an Associate Veterinarian until 2015. In 2015 Dr. Noland ventured into entrepreneurship launching Weatherford Veterinary Dental Services, PLLC.

Dr. Noland has sought to improve his Veterinary Medicine Dental knowledge and skills through continued education opportunities provided by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the American Society of Veterinary Dentists, and the American College of Veterinary Dentists. These opportunities have enabled him to provide a higher standard of care, in routine and advanced dental medicine cases. In 2021, Dr. Noland completed a residency in Dentistry with Heidi Lobprise, DVM, DAVDC at Main Street Veterinary Hospital and Dental Clinic.

Matthew is married to Sandy and they have a son named Alexander Dean, and a daughter, Eva Grace. In his free time, he enjoys spending time outside with his family.

“My sweet Atticus has a pretty severe overbite, and Dr. Johnson and her team were able to provide top notch care and put in a dental device to move his teeth rather than pulling them out. LK and Eva were great at communicating, setting up the appointment, and following-up. Dr. Johnson provided me with all the information I needed and helped me chose the best option for Atticus. I couldn’t be more pleased with the care we received.”

Alona D.